Media Archival and Distribution

Madbox offers a range of advanced solutions that helps you manage your media better at home. Built on a robust platform and industry standard applications, our Madbox Home Media Server archives your content, be it movies, music or pictures, and distributes them to any connected device. Madbox Home Media Servers can enable at least 10 simultaneous streams! With storage capacities ranging from 6 TB to 96 TB, there is a server just for your need. Our intelligent servers automatically fetches the metadata for your content which enhances the user experience. You can access your content and render them on devices through our intuitive and easy to use iPad and mobile devices apps.

With an internal blu-ray drive on all the server models, it is capable of auto-archiving all your home media automatically, be it music, dvd's or blu-rays.


Are you looking for a media player that is built on a robust platform and versatile in performance? Do you want a media player that can play content from various sources with ease? A player capable of playing all popular formats? Do you want to avoid the trouble of yet another remote at home and instead use convenient free mobile apps to control your media player? Do you want a player with rich features such as automatic subtitle download, UPnP and multitasking?

Then Madbox Client Series is just the right choice for you!

The bedrock philosophy behind every Madbox product is to provide powerful solutions to customers that greatly enhance user experience. Client Series range is no different. The robust hardware platform ensures great performance and reliability while the versatile application means an unparalleled user experience.

That's convenience on your fingertips.